Remi Vlerick Together with my grandfather Remi Vlerick I have bred my first foal at the the age of 18. This is where my passion for heridity and genetics arose from. After years of amateuristic rearing with mediocre horses, I decided to invest in exceptional mares. With the guidance of Luk Van Puymbroeck (LVP-Stables) - with who I managed Excellent Breeding for a few years - I went to Germany looking for interesting breeding material with typical Holstein bloodlines.

Luc Vermeersch For centuries that German region has acted very rigorously concerning the mating of their horses. They even went this far to set strict rules about this: that’s one of the reasons why – despite the milder attitude of the last few years – the dominance of both C- and both L-lines remains strongly visible in the damlines. It is exactly this kind of linebreeding that I would like to continue in my breeding farm. The background of your mareline and mare family – a lot more than taking a guess with a renowned sire – prevents that your offspring will be a fluke: that is exactly why I am convinced about the quality of pretty much all foals that I breed here at Holsteinerhoeve.

Luc Vermeersch


Foals Studs who match with the filiation of a broodmare, who compensate the shortcomings of their stud mare, who can show excellent performances from their direct kin. For all these reasons we do not only choose the ambassadors of showjumping, but we do like to give young, promising stallions a chance to prove themselves in our horse farm.

After birth you enjoy and dream of the potential of all that young power jumping and running in the meadows. Though some of foals are sold by mutual agreement or at auctions, I often tend to keep them close and see them broken in with at least basic schooling.
About two to three years afterwards the best of them are elected to be engaged in stud service (either as a broodmare, either as a potential studhorse that will show himself at stallion approvals), or to be trained by one of the renowned Belgian riders who als has the necessary contacts in the equestrian sector. At local competitions they familiarize with all suprises happening around an arena until they are ready to go to contest that really matter. In the end the future will prove that for years the right choices were made.