Quantina LVB

(alias: W-Guantida)



dark bay

173 cm

Holst. 3389 - Cassini I

HOLST DE421000145906

Johann Hermann Claussen (Neuenkirchen - GER)

Inseminated by: Clarimo

Expected foaling date: 09/05/2024

Quantum Quidam de Revel Jalisco B
Ulla V Cor de la Bryere
Prisma II Esteban XX Prince Mab XX
Giddy Squalls XX
Wisma Caletto II

"Bought her as a filly in Holstein because of her very particular pedigree and the lineage Quantina comes from: her granddam Wisma is the dam of Cassini I, Cassini II and Clarimo; three top progenitors in Holstein. Above that she produced seven good to great sporthorses, even like daughter who did the same.

Quantina's dam only produced two sporthorses, but because her sire Esteban XX is a direct thoroughbred that's absolutely normal: in the next generation you sacrifice some power, but afterwards this grows out to be even better because the thoroughbred blood appears in the third generation.

About Quantina's offspring: Cwista who is the result of inbreeding on Wisma in the third generation, and Coquanta who is a daughter of Contender, I kept for breeding. Her next two foals died at a young age, but Cuperina has despite her great movement grown out into a big, deep black broodmare. All her next foals were sold at a young age: Civanna and Corrigan as young horses for sports to respectively Belgium and France, and Clarima and Cassiopeia de Lucia for future broodmares in Belgium. With Clarissima (2023) I used Clarimo for inbreeding on Wisma again and the result made me so satisfied that I chose Clarimo again in the year after."

Luc Vermeersch

Offspring bred by us

Cwista LVB Z (Cassaro - 2009)

Coquanta LVB (Contender - 2011)

Cyriaque EB Z (Cassaro - 2012)

Zeus EB Z (Zandor Z - 2013)

Cuperina EB Z (Calido I - 2015)

Civanna vd Holsteinerhoeve Z (Canturano - 2017)

Corrigan vd Holsteinerhoeve Z (Canturano - 2018)

Clarima vd Holsteinerhoeve Z (Cornet Obolensky - 2020)

Clarissima vd Holsteinerhoeve Z (Clarimo - 2023)

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