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02/12/2022 12
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Three out of three for Levi's Girl Z

Our 7-year-old Levi's Girl Z is in Gorla Minore, Italy: she participated the last three days in three competitions at a height of 1m30 and together with Christophe Leutenez she has won all three of them! Contador Z reached a third place in the second week.

- Levi's Girl Z - Contador Z -

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Highest bid for Catoki-colt in Bonheiden

Costa vd Holsteinerhoeve Z received the highest bid of all foals at the Belgium Youngsters Auction! It was the first edition of this auction for young horses in Bonheiden.

- Costa vd Holsteinerhoeve Z - Cleta LVP Z -

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Z Quality Auction with Alaric vd Holsteinerhoeve Z

Thanks to his sixth place at the Z-Festival, our colt by Amadeo van 't Vossenhof was selected for the Z Quality Auction.

- Alaric vd Holsteinerhoeve Z - Cwista LVB Z -

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FFA Opglabbeek selects Carikato

And again another Canturano-colt of our stable whose appearance has convinced an auction committee!

- Carikato vd Holsteinerhoeve Z - Cegonda -

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Corrigan selected for Fences

Corrigan vd Holsteinerhoeve Z is selected for the 30th edition of the Vente Elite Fences.

- Quantina LVB - Corrigan vd Holsteinerhoeve Z -

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Deandro and Uzza to Flanders Foal Auction

Deandro vd Holsteinerhoeve Z and Uzza vd Holsteinerhoeve Z are selected for the Flanders Foal & Embryo Auction in Bonheiden.

- Deandro vd Holsteinerhoeve Z - Baby Ramina - Uzza vd Holsteinerhoeve Z - Wilma IV -