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01/10/2023 1
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Commarron Z to Czechia

Today Commarron Z (Comme il Faut x Cassaro) was picked up by his Czech buyers Stáj Arcus who made the highest bid at the Z Quality Acution (September 30). Though at first the stallion Commarron Z wasn't selected for the auction - despite his sixth place at the previous Foal Championships - this decision was revised; a correct decision given his sale price was well above average.

- Commarron Z - Cwista LVB Z -

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Love You EB Z to AAI

Levato (Levisonn x Calato) - who finally was named Love You EB Z - was selected for Auction Aalst International where the highest bid was done by phone, but afterwards the bidder backed out and so the grey stallion remains in our possession.

- Love You EB Z - Tamina II -