In 1960 I, Luc Vermeersch, was born in Nazareth in family of peasants and my grandfather Remi Vlerick who had a huge dedication for horses was probably the only one who could suspect that at the of 18 I would breed my first foal with his assistance. Since the time I took care of the child of a thoroughbred stallion and a crossed mare without papers, heredity and genes became an enormous passion to me because at that period a big agrarian revolution took place in which at large scale horses were being replaced by machines and horses were put to marginal use in agriculture. This meant that, together with the increased prosperity, horses were bred to serve sports: eventing, dressage or my main interest, jumping.
After some years of having bred with several mares of different bloodlines with all kinds of stallions, I came to the conclusion that there is no use in breeding with a good stud and a regular mare. Because the opposite - and definitely when they both have a nice lineage - gives the best results, I have sold everything and I bought Holstein-mares with the help of Luk Van Puymbroeck.

The reason I've chosen for this race of horses is because of the selection the horses went through for centuries in the German Holstein and because of the maternal dam lines which outshine in horse jumping. Holstein-mares aren't only expensive - certainly the good lineages closest to the dam line of the best horses - but even more they're hard to find. All dam lines of my mares are known since approximately 1850: since that time they were selected. That means all my broodmares are the sister, half-sister or niece of state of the art-jumping horses, approved stallions, etc. thanks to which all of them origin out of the best lineage of the dam line.
For example, Quidam-Cor is a Quantum-mare out an Esteban x Calletto II-mare: this mare is Wisma, Cassini's mother and by that I bred with the best dam of one one of the top dam lines. For years I've built out a firm base with hard to find and expensive to buy mares; if you have intermediate means it takes years of breeding and selecting to get to this stage. After all this our mares are now inseminated by exclusive studs descending out of special dam lines and out of exceptional lineages: thanks to this about all of our foals are great products.

Luc Vermeersch


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